Greetings dear readers,

Following the trend set by a few of my friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to finally catch up with 2005 and start my own blog.

Andy on a quadbike

I’ve decided to incorporate a few categories from a broad range of interests in my life, so that I’ll have no excuse for lack of interest when it’s inevitably ages between updates.

For those who don’t already know me, I’m a student at Oxford University working on a DPhil (that’s Oxford for PhD) in Atomic and Laser Physics; although as a theorist, my work involves very little Atoms or Lasers, or as was recently pointed out in a viva, Physics. I hope to use this blog to publish accessible explanations both of my own research, and of scientific articles of interest. I’m fairly new to the whole “science-writing” outlook, so I especially welcome technical and non-technical feedback; particularly if you think there’s something I have not explained well, or is unclear. Perhaps this topic may morph into Science (or the even broader Natural Philosophy…) if my scope expands.

One of the few things I enjoy more than programming is complaining about programming. Working on the assumption that computers are hateful, and all programming languages are terrible in their own special way, I hope to make a few notes on things I find particularly interesting or misleading. I suspect this is likely to be the most technical section of my blog by far; more aimed at those who dabble themselves in programming in one way or another.

Having declared myself the self-appointed dictator of decadence and head of hedonism, I also hope to talk a little bit about the most carnal of pleasures: eating. I have no idea how much will end up in this section in the end (or even whether it will be ultimately cut and replaced on the header with something else); but I hope to talk and report back on culinary creations of my own, as well as reviewing wine and restaurants, especially around Oxford.

As I enjoy to read and write a lot, I shall present some samples of my work. So if you think that I have lost the plot, allow me to indulge in this one quirk. So posts like this will filter under “Writing”; I hope that you will find them all exciting.

Finally, Musings contains everything else. This section may split into other categories; such as (the more visual) Art or Music, both of which are important to me- but I do not feel particularly qualified to talk about either of these in depth.

Although I often have a lot of thoughts and things to say about politics or economics, I do not wish to get into that at all on this blog (my filthy commie treasons can leak out on Facebook in the meantime, for those who which to ignore them). This is because there are a lot of people who understand politics and economics better than me, and of this set of people, a lot of them already have excellent blogs, which you should read instead.

So with all that being said, I hope that you all find some entertainment here in one way or another.